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Serving Polk County and Plant City, FL.
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home

Tutor Doctor of Lakeland

Serving Polk County and Plant City, FL.
All subjects, all ages in the comfort of your home

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Experienced Tutors & Teachers Wanted

We are currently contracting experienced tutors and teachers, levels K-12 or university, who live in or near the neighborhoods of Polk County and Plant City, FL.

Our Values:

Wish to make a meaningful contribution to the community while earning additional income? We seek individuals passionate about student development who can demonstrate the educator and leadership skills to make it happen. Great interpersonal skills, independent initiative and creativity are essential. Our culture values a sense of humor, personal responsibility, optimism and work/life balance.

 Why Teach for Tutor Doctor?

We find your assignments, consult with each family and student and carefully create a “magical match” of student and tutor. We provide detailed information about the student and family before each assignment. We manage all marketing, payments, and systems and provide related support resources so that your focus can be on the student. We offer competitive hourly rates and schedule flexibility: you choose the work volume and hours that you wish. Our tutors are independent contractors typically engaged with students 3-10 hours per week.

Growth Opportunity:

Tutor Doctor is an expanding international supplemental education firm offering in-home, one-on-one tutoring to students of all ages, all subjects. Tutor compensation is competitive and based on qualifications and specialties. Tutors also earn referral and renewal income. In addition to tutoring opportunities our growth means jobs are available in management, business development and administration.

Required Qualifications:

  • Tutoring / Education Services Background: We require significant experience as a 1-to-1 tutor or teacher, the more years the better. Identify your primary / favorite subject matter and student age group. Experience with a range of learning styles, learning environments and special needs.
  • Availability — Geographic: Our tutors provide in-student-home service for client families in close proximity to their own home; Provide your address or zip code and identify school district / communities you can reliably serve within 15-minute commute.
  • Availability — Schedule: Our tutors must be able to reliably travel by car to student homes on weekdays for 60-90-min sessions and occasionally weekends as well. Assignments are long-term, so ability to serve a family for 12+ months is preferred. We do not hire summer-only tutors.

How to Apply:

Click here to complete the application and submit your resume.

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